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I started attending Sally's classes 14 months ago. I originally attended 2 sessions a week and now I'm doing 5. The benefits are many but I most enjoy the company group training provides, Sally's expert advice, the fact that I have improved both my muscle strength and my fitness. Most importantly gym time is my favourite time of day!

Maree Pullar
Gym attendee

I started to put on weight about 7 years ago, every year it would just seem to sneak up a little.  I had heard about the ‘6-week Slim Down Challenge’ Sally was offering but personal barriers prevented me from signing up.  Firstly, I didn’t have faith in my ability to lose weight and secondly, I didn’t fancy the idea of going ‘hungry’.  Let me just say for the record, I have NOT gone hungry and I am so glad that despite my reservations, I decided to give it a go.  Personally, I have found the best part of the programme is the education about food.  Sally teaches you about the macronutrients in foods so that you learn to recognise what foods best sustain your body and well-being.  Sally is there every step of the way to check up on your progress, share her knowledge, answer your questions, help with any hiccups and supply you with all the tools you need to succeed.   The by-product of all this knowledge and support is that you lose weight and after 5 of the 6 weeks, I am not only 5 kilograms lighter, I also feel stronger, healthier and pretty darn good about myself.  

Linda Pay
Gym attendee

It has been a while since I was regularly going to a gym and I feel so grateful that Roxburgh has Feinerman's and Sally because I am enjoying getting back into some regular exercise again.  It is the cardio classes that I am going to as getting my heart rate up was something I wasn’t doing enough of and I know the benefits of this type of activity. Sally’s classes are intense workouts over a short period of time and best of all they are fun. I look forward to every class.

Paula McGill
Gym attendee

I have struggled with my weight for the last 10 years and in that time I have tried it all, frustrated with diets, calorie counting for months on end and getting no where. I kept myself fit, swimming, walking, triathlons, gyms, tramping and still I gained the weight. At my wits end I saw Sally's 8 week slim down program and thought I would give it a try, well we have just passed week 9 and I have lost 10.5kgs. Sally has taught me so much about food and how it effects my body and I now feel I have the knowledge to keep losing weight and keep it off. Big thanks to Sally, she has changed my life.

Jane Atchison
8 Week Summer Slim Down Participant

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